Statham, Farmers' Market Building

Closing Date: March 14, 2006
The Foundation provided a $200,000 loan in March 2006 for the rennovation of the former Statham Farmers' Market building in downtown Statham. The completed project will house retail and office space, restaurants, residential apartments, and warehouse space.

Project Details

Loan Recipient
Winder-Barrow Industrial Building Authority

Amber Hutton and Bill Mundy

Project Cost

GCF Loan Amount

DD RLF Loan Amount, if any

Project Use
A combination of retail, office, restaurant, residential apartments and war
Foundation Project Impacts
299 New Downtown Businesses
1728 New Jobs Downtown
$147 Million in Private Investments
8 Cultural Facilities
288 Downtown Housing Units
157 Hotel Units Downtown
1,352,805 Redevelopment Floor Area sf
200,267 New Construction sf