Rome, Pro Performance

Closing Date: August 8, 2014
In August 2014, the Foundation provided an $80,000 RLF loan to the Rome DDA for the renovation of a commercial building located at 100 Broad Street in downtown Rome. The DDA provided a simultaneous loan to Vicchrilli, LLC, the project’s developer. The completed project houses a fitness center, Pro Performance. The total project cost is $866,000. Sources of project financing include a $379,300 bank loan, a $200,000 DD RLF loan from DCA, the $80,000 GCF loan, a $65,000 loan from the City of Rome RLF, $50,000 in investor equity participation, and $91,700 of developer equity participation. This was the 100th RLF loan provided by GCF since the loan program was established in 2002.

Project Details

Loan Recipient
Downtown Development Authority of the City of Rome

Vicchrilli, LLC

Project Cost

GCF Loan Amount

DD RLF Loan Amount, if any

Project Use
Fitness Center
Foundation Project Impacts
299 New Downtown Businesses
1728 New Jobs Downtown
$147 Million in Private Investments
8 Cultural Facilities
288 Downtown Housing Units
157 Hotel Units Downtown
1,352,805 Redevelopment Floor Area sf
200,267 New Construction sf