Loganville, Merritt Properties

Closing Date: September 16, 2019
On September 16, 2019, the Foundation provided a $250,000 loan to the Loganville Development Authority for the acquisition of property at 76 Bay Creek Road in Loganville. The Authority made a simultaneous loan to Merritt Properties, Inc., the project's developer. The completed project will continue to operate as a commercial / light industrial park.

Project Details

Loan Recipient
Loganville Development Authority

Merritt Properties, Inc.

Project Cost

GCF Loan Amount

DD RLF Loan Amount, if any

Project Use
Commercial/Light Industrial Park
Foundation Project Impacts
299 New Downtown Businesses
1728 New Jobs Downtown
$147 Million in Private Investments
8 Cultural Facilities
288 Downtown Housing Units
157 Hotel Units Downtown
1,352,805 Redevelopment Floor Area sf
200,267 New Construction sf