Lyons, Renovation Blue Marquee Theater

Closing Date: May 23, 2002
The Foundation provided a $50,000 loan in May 2002 for the renovation of the Pal Theatre, which was constructed in 1941 and closed in 1977. The theatre is presently being used as a multi-arts center for plays, concerts, and movies.

Project Details

Loan Recipient
Lyons Downtown Development Authority

Clint Williams, Coogan Williams, Kathy Williams

Project Cost

GCF Loan Amount

DD RLF Loan Amount, if any

Project Use
Multi-purpose Arts Center
Foundation Project Impacts
299 New Downtown Businesses
1728 New Jobs Downtown
$147 Million in Private Investments
8 Cultural Facilities
288 Downtown Housing Units
157 Hotel Units Downtown
1,352,805 Redevelopment Floor Area sf
200,267 New Construction sf