It is important to understand who the Downtown Development Actors are in each municipality, and what role they can plan in actualizing the Downtown Development Plan. Successful downtown development requires the combined efforts of stakeholders, developers, the authorities, and the governing body. Downtown development professionals know that public/private partnerships attract investors and tenants by helping them see a vision of themselves making money as part of a successful place. There are public activities, private activities, and public/private activities that will need to be included in the Downtown Development Plan. The following are some of the basic activities to consider when crafting and implementing a Downtown Development Plan.
Public Actors: the governing members of the municipality to include development and administration staff members.

Public Activities: provided by the municipality
  • Detailed Planning & Studies – responsible for commissioning any necessary studies and research, as well as, putting in place a detailed process for downtown development plan creation prior to the implementation and execution of the plan.
  • Authority Coordination – responsible for coordinating implementation of the downtown development plan with the Downtown Development or Redevelopment authority.
  • Public Outreach – responsible for communicating the downtown vision and the downtown development plan with the citizens, businesses, stakeholders, and constituents in the community.
  • Project Review & Approval – responsible for reviewing and approving the projects associated with the downtown development plan.
  • Zoning & Code Updates – responsible for ensuring that the downtown development area is business and development friendly with updated zoning and codes.
  • Parking – responsible for researching and implementing the downtown development parking recommendations.
  • Public Improvements – responsible for the planning, financing, and management of all public improvements
  • Incentive Creation/Management – responsible for the creation and management of all economic and community development incentives.
  • Developer Recruitment – responsible for marketing and generating interest in the downtown development plan and recruiting potential developers.

Private Actors: organizations in the community interested and impacted by downtown development.

Private Activities: Provided by Downtown Partner Organizations (i.e. Chamber of Commerce, Business association, Main Street Program, Tourism Bureau, etc.)
  • Business Retention & Recruitment – assists in business development and recruitment relative to the downtown development vision and plan.
  • District Management and Programming – provides support in the management of the downtown development area and programming.
  • Marketing – collaborates with the municipality in the marketing and promotion of the downtown development vision and plan.
  • Special Events & Communication – collaborates with the municipality in the creation, organization, and promotion of special events in the downtown.
  • Fundraising – responsible for external fundraising efforts for the downtown development vision and plan.
Public/Private Actors: a development or redevelopment authority may act independently or as a conduit for the municipality as outlined in the Georgia Code.

Public/Private Activities: Downtown Development Authorities
  • Project Management – may manage components or all parts of the downtown development plan, depending on the terms of an intergovernmental agreement.
  • Project Financing – may provide project financing to a developer or project.
  • Property Acquisition, Lease, or Disposal – engages in property acquisition, lease, and/or disposal.
  • Incentive Awards and Distribution – manages the incentive programs and offerings created by the municipality.
  • Development Agreement Execution – may enter into development agreements and act as a private developer.
Intergovernmental Agreements Between the Municipality and the Authority
An intergovernmental agreement (IGA) between the municipality and the DDA is a recommended practice for any exchanges between the two entities.