The Downtown Development Authorities as Developer webinar series was created to  provide cities and Downtown Development Authorities with a means of becoming more actively involved in the downtown development process. The program is a series of webinars that provides information about how DDAs can act in a developer role. The series is crafted to provide best practices and case studies of particular projects with each episode focusing on a different downtown development topic. The series will also include discussion about the many tools available to DDAs so that they can assume a developer role and better assist in realizing the downtown development goals and vision in their community.
The focus of this webinar is to provide an introduction to the series. It will include information about the purpose, powers, and objectives of Downtown Development Authorities. It will also provide and overview of benefits of cities utilizing their DDAs as developers and will showcase some of the best practices to cities and DDAs can incorporate into their downtown strategy in order to accomplish their vision.

In this webinar, we will take a comprehensive look at how to create a downtown vision and make it a reality. The City of Duluth, and its Downtown Development Authority, create a notable example as a downtown visionary.  Chris McGahee, Economic Development Director for the City of Duluth, will walk participants through the transformation of downtown Duluth.  Beginning with the city’s investment in land and staff during the great recession, this webinar will show how Duluth created a town square, invested in the transforming of their theater, and recently greatly expanded the size of their downtown with a multi million dollar housing project. 
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In this webinar, we will highlight a project where the DDA acted as a developer in order to attract a business type to their downtown.  Brian Wismer, Director of the Fayetteville DDA, will provide an overview of how the DDA, along with the City of Fayetteville, took on a project that resulted in a Twisted Taco restaurant in their downtown. The webinar will include a specific focus on why the DDA wanted that business in that location, how the project was financed, what tools were utilized in the financing of that project, what the DDA’s long term plan for holding the property were, and an update on the project along with its impact on the downtown.
In this webinar, we will highlight an example of longer range planning in downtown development showcasing the Monroe DDA’s acquisition of land and buildings adjacent to their downtown.  Sadie Krawczyk, the Economic Development Director from the City of Monroe, will explain how the city and the DDA worked together to acquire this property and their short, medium, and long-term plans for its development.  How the project has been financed, will be financed, and how the vision has been developed will be covered along with the project’s current status will be included.
In this webinar, we will demonstrate how Downtown Developers take on many diverse roles and are often responsible for creating and maintaining the public image of the downtown.  In addition to marketing downtown events, DDAs are responsible for the brand that is their downtown.  Jessica Reynolds, Director of the Office of Downtown Development, will share her previous experiences as a the DDA Director of the City of Carrollton as well as her responsibility working with programs throughout the state through her role at DCA.  Specific attention will be given to the branding of The Amp, a downtown amphitheater project Jessica was involved in during her time in Carrollton.